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Mario’s ‘Gusto Italiano’

My name is Mario and I was born in Vienna in 1982 to an Italian father and an Austrian mother. We moved back to Sardinia when I was 6 months old.

I moved to beautiful Yorkshire in England in 2001. I am passionate about cooking and love to turn my passion into a successful business. I use all fresh, local produce when I can.

I sell a wide range of pecorino cheese and cured meats.

My specialties are pork meatballs, stuffed peppers, stuffed focaccia, lasagna, parmigiana, cannelloni, tasty Italian pizza, fresh Italian donuts and classic tiramisu, homemade ciabatta bread and a lot more.

Come and try my fresh home-made produce on the first Saturday of each month at the Horsforth Farmers’ Market

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Leeds Bread Co-opLeeds Bread Co-op

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Tel : 0113 262 5155


We make good quality, slowly fermented bread using organic flours and locally sourced ingredients. Our range of breads include:

Classic Sourdough

The reason our bakery exists. A loaf raised by wild yeast and made from wheat and rye flour, carefully nurtured over two days. A classic, versatile sourdough with a very mild creamy tang. The long loaf with a cut down the middle.

Seeded Sourdough

The little sister of our classic sourdough. Made with soaked linseed, toasted sesame and toasted sunflower seeds. The seeds keep the loaf moist and add a savoury, nutty flavour. Round loaf with a square cut into it.


A traditional German-style 100% rye sourdough made with wholemeal rye flour, kibbled rye (chopped rye grain), a rye sour and sunflower seeds. Keeps for up to a week and improves as it ages. Distinctive brick shape.

New York Deli Rye

A typical sandwich loaf from New York delis, inspired by Eastern European bread. 35% rye flour with some caraway seed added. A long loaf with diagonal cuts.

Malthouse Sourdough

A delicious blend of three malts (wheat, barley and rye) with wholemeal and white wheat flour. Crusty but with a soft, open, chewy crumb. We would call it Granary but one of the big bread companies trademarked the name. A shorter loaf with diagonal cuts.

We also offer a Weekly Special which includes the likes of Roasted Garlic, Pain de Campagne, Country Rye and Polenta & Sunflower Seed Sourdough.

We are regularly expanding our offering as the bakery grows. Expect to see other European specialities (Polish ryes, French country breads…) and seasonal breads such as baked apple loaf or stollen.

You can buy our bread at local Farmers’ Markets or from one of our stockists, or by taking out a bread subscription.

We usually have some spare loaves available at the bakery, along with various half price frozen loaves which you’re welcome to pop in and buy if you’re passing!

We also do wholesale, if you would like more info about that please get in touch. Our wholesale range includes the above breads as well as many others such as ciabatta, focaccia, and various rolls/burger buns plus our doughnuts! All our breads are slow fermented and made by hand

Blossom Honey

Blossom Honey

We make honey and related products from our own bees here in Horsforth itself.

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Church View Farm Eggs

Church View Farm Eggs

From our Wakefield farm, we have been selling free range hen, duck & goose eggs egg varieties for over fifty years.

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East End Nurseries

East End Nurseries

Neville will be bringing with him the first fresh strawberries of the year.

India Express

Rajwant with his range of Indian foods


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